Joan of Arcadia

Character: Dylan Samuels

Created by: Barbara Hall

Directed by: Martha Mitchell

Written by: Lindsay Sturman

Produced by: Drew Matich

Cast Members: Joe Mantegna, Mary Steenburgen, Amber Tamblyn, Jason Ritter, Michael Welch

Released date: January 28, 2005

Episode(s) Number: 2x14

Episode(s) Title: "The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi"

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Joan saves one of the mean girls at school from being hit by a truck and suddenly becomes popular. Kevin uses the opportunity to do a TV interview with Joan as a tryout for the local news. The student tries to befriend Joan afterwards, but during an award presentation, she will not confirm whether Joan saved her life. Will becomes increasingly suspicious of Lucy's interactions with him and his family. Luke studies for his driver's license test while Grace objects to cars for environmental reasons.

Character’s Quotes
– There’s a one-day sale at the mall on Ugg boots. We should clear them out.

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