Cadet Kelly

Character: Kelly Collins

Directed by: Larry Shaw

Written by: Gail Parent, Michael Walsh

Produced by: Kevin Lafferty

Cast Members: Christy Carlson Romano, Gary Cole, Shawn Ashmore

Released date: March 8, 2002

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 101 minutes

A fashion-conscious youngster is horrified when she is forced to move to military school.

– Too Cool For The Rules!
– They Make Olive Drab Totally Fab!

Character’s Quotes
– Thanks for the warning Carla, but I would really like to try and retain my individuality around here.
– Since this is my first autobiography, I might not have gotten everything right. The events are true, the feelings are genuine, and my memoirs are finished. But, I might’ve forgotten what everyone was wearing.
– Hey, I always known there are some stories that have to be told, but I never realized my memoirs would be one of them.

Script developed by Never Enough Design