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Nov 28, 2022

Lizzie McGuire Season 2 Screencaps 2×01-2×12

I’ve added screencaps from Season 2 of Lizzie McGuire episodes 2×01-2×12. More coming soon!

Oct 27, 2022

Casper Meets Wendy Photos

Sorry that updates have been slow. I have had some personal stuff going on. Since Halloween is right around the corner I wanted to make time to add photos from Casper Meets Wendy. We now have stills, posters, promotional photos, and screencaps from the movie in our gallery.

Sep 29, 2022

Epic’s Go Anywhere Summer Kickoff Celebration Supporting St. Jude

Hilary attended Epic’s Go Anywhere Summer Kickoff Celebration Supporting St. Jude back in June. Previews below…

Sep 29, 2022

More Promotional Photos for Carter’s

More promotional photos for Carter’s have been released and are now up in our photo gallery.

Sep 29, 2022

Women’s Health UK – August 2022

Hilary was on the cover of Women’s Health UK. Scans are now up in the photo gallery. Sorry that these weren’t posted sooner.

Jul 4, 2022

Music Videos Screencaps, Stills, & More

Happy 4th of July! I’ve added over 5,000 photos from all of Hilary’s music videos over the years.

May 18, 2022

Hilary Duff to Design Limited Edition Collections for Carter’s

Carter’s named Hilary their first-ever Chief Mom Officer, and get a sneak peek at her capsule collection coming this fall. Launching this fall, the Hilary Duff x Carter’s capsule is the ultimate on-trend baby collection.

“I’m so excited about the launch of the capsule collection and to be Carter’s first CMO! I love fashion, I love design, and as a mom of three, I feel very lucky to be partnered with such a trusted company.” – Hilary Duff

May 10, 2022

Hilary Duff Covers Women’s Health May 2022

The actress spent years trying to live up to Hollywood’s standards. Now she’s focused on what makes her feel happy and whole and content—on the inside.

“I have an idea…” says Hilary Duff’s 3-year-old daughter, Banks, her finger tapping her mouth. “Can I have a treat?” The child tilts her blonde head to one side as her mother looks upon her with amusement. “Did you eat any vegetables for lunch?” Hilary asks. Banks says yes, though her mother suspects otherwise. But who can deny a little indulgence in the face of such ingenuity?

Banks scampers out of view on Zoom, and Hilary, left alone in her bright and airy bedroom, shakes her head affectionately. At 34 years old, she’s the mother of three children. Besides Banks, she has son Luca, 10, from her previous marriage to retired hockey player Mike Comrie, and daughter Mae, 1. When Mae was born, the baby took over her office, so now Hilary’s bedroom is her last sanctuary. She worries her days in this house are numbered—her family, which also includes musician husband Matthew Koma, three dogs (including a 130-pound Saint Bernard), and seven chickens, has outgrown it. “We’re busting at the seams here,” she says. “You should see my garage. It’s stroller and car-seat city, scooters everywhere.”

But this is the house where she recovered from her 2016 divorce, where she learned to parent Luca as a single mom, where she eventually wed Koma on the front lawn, and where their girls were born. It’s hard to leave a place that’s held such joy. And food is a big source of that happiness. “We eat butter in this house, and olive oil, and sodium, and sugar,” says Hilary, taking a bite of a turkey, arugula, and pickle sandwich. A deviled egg, which she made this morning because her chickens are laying, waits on her plate as Mom’s version of a treat.

“I’ve gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through.”

Hilary’s appeal as an actress has always been her easy familiarity. As a child star on Lizzie McGuire, she was the quintessential everygirl, as warm as she was vulnerable. After years of being identified with the character, and multiple passes on offers to reboot her, she agreed to revisit Lizzie in a series for Disney+. The project tanked when Hilary and the network differed on their vision for adult Lizzie. “She had to be 30 years old doing 30-year-old things,” Hilary says she insisted, pushing for a more mature Lizzie. “She didn’t need to be doing bong rips and having one-night stands all the time, but it had to be authentic. I think they got spooked.”

Standing her ground meant the project fizzled, which cleared the path for How I Met Your Father. You could see how her character, Sophie, swirling in realistic singledom, would be friends with a grown-up Lizzie. “It would be dumb of me to not know that I have a sweet spot playing that relatable girl,” she says. “I am that girl.” Even as a kid trying to separate herself from the character who made her famous, she managed to hold on to her optimism. “It was a conscious choice not to be angsty and try to shift people’s opinions on who I am,” she says, laughing. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to try!”

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May 10, 2022

Lizzie McGuire Season 1 Screencaps Complete

I’ve added screencaps from the rest of the episodes from Season 1 of Lizzie McGuire.

Apr 22, 2022

Public Appearances Huge Update

I’ve added 7,000+ photos of Hilary attending events from 2008-2017. With this update the public appearances section of the gallery is all up to date. I still have more photos to sort and add in later, but it is mostly complete. 🙂